How sacrocranial wave can increase vitality, openness and creative potential




One part of this research focuses on the measure of our vital potential (reflecting the quality of our immune system) and how to maintain/increase our vitality using a biofeedback interaction based on modulation of heart signal induced by respiration techniques.

The other part of this research focuses on our relationship/integration to the world and how to find that connection leading to increase our perceptions, our openness and our creative potential.

The key of the universe and the key of life is fractality. This fractality is based on the golden ratio. Everything is fractal: the nature, the universe, our bodies are fractal. The life process follows the principle of fractality of the universe. This fractality allows the universe and life to exist, thanks to this kind of "coherence" repeated at all scales.

On the other hand, everything is vibrations, rhythms, waves. Everything that exists vibrates at frequencies or sets of frequencies: atomic particles, crystals, cells, organs, our body, the earth, the planets vibrate ... Thus, every thing and every existence can be characterized by a wave, a series of waves, one or several rhythms.

Dr. Irving Dardik discovered and revealed that all these waves move and are nested within other waves which themselves contain other waves: “This is an innate continuum of waves waving, of nested scales within scales, unbroken fractals within fractals”.

We can thus define that our health and our immune system quality is related to:

  • The magnitude of our vital waves
  • The fractal quality (or "coherence") of each of our body waves (cells, organs, systems, ...)
  • The fractal relationship/interaction of all the frequencies of our body (molecules, cells, organs, systems)
  • The fractal interaction/relationship of our frequencies with the frequencies of our environment and the universe

If one of our wave is not fractal (coherent), it negatively affects all our body waves. If a wave has a beautiful fractality and a large amplitude, it positively influences all the others.

The study of the cardiac signal allows to highlight some body waves :

  • The HF wave associated with parasympathetic system
  • The LF wave associated with ortho and parasympathetic system
  • Sacocranial wave or Traube Hering Mayer wave

Dan Winter was the first searcher to define "cardiac coherence *" as the fractal quality of the cardiac signal.

The amplitudes of the waves extracted from the cardiac signal, their own coherence and their coherence ratio to other waves give an indication of the vital energy quality. This quality also determines the way our biological transmutations (see Kervran work) are conducted within our body.

Heart rate modulation is directly related to breathing. Specific (targeted) breathing exercises allow harmonization of cardiac coherence, and therefore induces a coherence on all the body waves :


2 minutes of record of a breathing modulated on a body sacrocranial wave : respiration, in dark blue; HRV, in light blue. In the lower part of the graph, the cardiac signal is analysed and different frequences are extracted. Each vertical colored line corresponds to a music note. In this special type of breathing, the cardiac signal produces a lot of harmonics corresponding to music notes. In the right part of the graph, generated notes are represented according to the works of Michel Larroche and Toni Ceron.

This biofeedback system allows:

  • The real-time visualization of LF, HF and sacrocranial waves.
  • Guidance on the coherence property of these parameters
  • Learning the perception of the sacrocranial wave
  • Feedback from the breathing on sacrocranial wave

A targeted biofeedback breathing induced by surfing on the sacrocranial wave will affects the amplitude and coherence of cardiac waves. It will smoothly regulate energy circulation inside our body and thanks to the generated harmonics, will also feed our organism with missing frequencies.

This kind of breathing will affect our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

The regulation of energy circulation inside our body will help to release fixed circuits which open gates to diseases. It will strengthen our immune system and will act as a catalyzer for biological transmutations conducted within our body.

This kind of breathing also stimulates the emptying cycle of the cerebral ventricles. This stimulation promotes the relational link between right and left brain.
As our mental part becomes more clear and our emotional part becomes more calmed, it increases our discernment ability and leads us to make better decisions.
This stimulation of the emptying cycle of the cerebral ventricles also opens doors of perception, increases our creative potential, gives access to another level of consciousness, and stimulates the kundalini (see the work of Bentov).

The biofeedback device proposed in this research :

  • Helps to retrieve lost perception of sacrocranial wave (most of young children get it intuitively)
  • guides to learn how to breathe on it.
  • displays heart parameters and their relation to coherence (fractality) of vital waves.

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